Director, Script, Producer: Ekaterina Eremenko

    Camera: Pavel Kostomarov

    Music: Mike Schroeder

    Editor: Marat Magambetov 

    Executive Producer and mathematics consultantYuri Tschinkel 

This film is supported and partly funded by the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences New York University.

The Trailer 

Selection from Festivals:

    Pacific Meridian Film Festival, Vladivostok, September 2013

    Green Film Festival, Seoul, May 2013

    Kosmopolis Festival, Barcelona, March 2013,

    Imagine Science Film Festival 2012, NYC, November 10, 5pm

    16th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2012

    360o Contemporary Scientific Film Festival, 2012

    34th Moscow International Film Festival, June 2012 - Premiere

Colors of Math was shown in many universities and science conferences:

 ·      FU Berlin

·         Suffolk University USA  


·      EDUCA 2012 – international conference for online education 


·      Universität Leipzig 

 ·     Georg-August Universität Göttingen 


·     Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie

·      TTU Berlin, Berlin Mathematical School


·      Univesität Neuschatel

·      TTU München 

·      MGU (Russia)

·      Institut Henry Poincare 

·      Yale USA

·      European Conference of Math Education (November 2013, Moscow) 

·      NYU USA 


·      Algebraic geometry conference (Durham, UK) 

·      Simons Center for Geomerty and Physics, Stony Brook 


·      Cornell 

·      TU Berlin, May 2014

·      University of  Edinburg (UK)

·      Opening film at “Film Territorium” film festival, Kaliningrad, Russia, April 2014

·      MSRI (Berkeley)

·      University of Essen, April 2014

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Magdeburg 

·      Augsburg University

·      IHES (France)


·      Top Kino, Vienna

·      Special screening at the Abel Prize in Oslo, May 2014 25 


      Seoul at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea



“This film generated enormous interest even before it was shown. The topic is difficult, the approach highly unusual...”


" Possibly the Best Math Movie You Haven’t Seen"


- Science Friday 



She gave mathematics a form that is understandable to all, from nuclear physicists to people immersed in humanities. “




" Completely true to its title, this film bypasses the brain and immediately reaches all senses..." Moskauer Filmfestival 



"Eremenko ist ein Dokumentarfilm gelungen, in dem alle, ob Mathematiker, Laien oder einfach Filmliebende, etwas für sich finden können. Denn am Ende gehen die fünf Schachzüge auf. Und was bleibt, ist ein klares Bild, wie sinnlich und erlebbar Mathematik sein kann." Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung 



„The film (in Russian, "Chuvstvennaya Matematika") has proven an unlikely hit, packing cinemas all over the country...“